You’ve heard of Part 1910 (OSHA standards relating to “General Industry”) and you’ve heard of Part 1926 (OSHA standards relating to “Construction”).

But, what about #PART #1903?

Part 1903 relates to “Inspections, Citations and Proposed Penalties.”

For example, in preparing for an upcoming trial, our client actually pointed out section 1903.4 (“Objection to Inspection”), which states the inspector must “terminate the inspection” when the employer refuses to consent to the inspection. So, hypothetically speaking, if you refuse to consent and the inspector nevertheless snaps a few more photos while on site (like a boxer throwing a few more punches after the bell rings) you might want to visit 1903.4. While we all may know this is the rule, it is helpful to have a specific regulation – expressly stating the rule.

If you want to know more about OSHA inspections, and the related/controlling legal authority, you don’t have to solely flip through a 380-page OSHA Field Operations Manual. Instead, take a look at Part 1903 on the OSHA website.

Interestingly, you will find Part 1903 mysteriously included under “OTHER” and not listed on its own, like the other headings are listed (i.e., general industry, construction, maritime, agriculture, recordkeeping, whistleblower, and Preambles to Final Rules).


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