The “Focus 4” Threshold Tips for Surviving an OSHA Inspection, Part Two: Watch What Documents You Provide on Inspection Day | Fisher Phillips

With maximum limits for Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) penalties increasing every year – currently over $15,000 for serious/other than serious citations and more than $150,000 for a repeat and willful – knowing what to do when OSHA arrives at your door is more important than ever. That’s why we’re releasing this four-part series to cover the most important things employers can do when OSHA arrives. These threshold steps will likely prevent citations, minimize the penalties issued, and narrow the scope of OSHA’s inspection. Our first version focused on manager and supervisor interviews. The second threshold tip: don’t give federal OSHA any documents other than your OSHA 300 logs, 300A summaries, 301 forms, and relevant safety data sheets (SDS) on the first day of the inspection. These are some of the very few documents you must provide under applicable regulations. Providing additional documents on the day of the inspection could lead to significant concerns you can otherwise easily avoid. Read on to learn more.
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