Shell knew (half a century ago!) that CO2 was a problem

Fossil fuels are the very bedrock of our global civilization; but oil and gas ‘production’ is nothing of the sort: it’s not production, it’s …

Shell knew (half a century ago!) that CO2 was a problem

4 thoughts on “Shell knew (half a century ago!) that CO2 was a problem

    1. I was happy that I happened to find your site and share the post. I’m very much in agreement with what you wrote as well as all the evidence and the weather trends that have happened especially in the last 5 years. In that time span we have had multiple billion dollar catastrophic storms and there will be many more to come because we still can’t seem to get it that man has pretty much ruined the planet. Then to find out that this was known for 30 years as a result of burning fossil fuels, it just leaves me furious because now we’ll have to live and try to adapt to the extreme weather events and insurance rates will continue to rise and the average American will end up being screwed over to pay for it all. Yes, the billionaire class is laughing all the way to the bank and has political cohorts in lockstep behind them.

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      1. Sadly, I completely agree with all you say here. One of the (many) things that infuriates me is that one of the (many) arguments against action on global warming has for years been, “It would be too expensive to do anything about it; the economy would collapse”.

        And yet, here we are, facing multi-billion dollar reconstruction costs now, and even greater costs to come. Never mind the disruption and deaths to the residents of Spaceship Earth. (But, of course, the current economic paradigm doesn’t mind catastrophic events, because the reconstruction required by such improves GDP… /sigh.)

        And the end result of continued inaction will be… economic collapse. And, of course, biosphere collapse. When will the insanely wealthy recognise that they can’t eat (or drink, or breathe) money?

        We’re seeing it happen in real time, and yet we’re still rearranging deckchairs and listening to the orchestra playing (its final tune). I’ve said for years that the system was broken and that the world was going mad. I used the wrong tense back then: the world went utterly bonkers long ago, but homo fatuus brutus is too dense to see it.

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