April 11, 2023 Fatality – Fatality Alert | Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)

Accident Report: Fatality Reference

April 11, 2023 Fatality

APRIL 11, 2023 – FATALITY ALERT.PDF (393.33 KB)
MINE FATALITY – On April 11, 2023, a miner died when a 12-foot by 4-foot by 5-foot rock slab slid out of the rib from the hanging wall and crushed him.  The miner was installing a bolt in the rib of a slusher stope.

Best Practices

Design, install, and maintain suitable ground support where miners work or travel.
Examine and test ground conditions immediately before starting any work in an area and as conditions warrant during the shift.
Periodically review mining methods and ground support to ensure they are suitable for conditions.
Be alert to changing ground conditions.
Train miners on how to identify hazardous ground conditions and install suitable support.
Additional Information

This is the 16th fatality reported in 2023, and the second classified as “Fall of Roof or Back.”
— Read on www.msha.gov/data-reports/fatality-reports/2023/april-11-2023-fatality/fatality-alert

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