Republicans Weaponize Debt Limit Fight to Destroy Worker Protections

Republicans are coming after worker protections —  yet again. This time in a little-noticed section of the Republican debt-limit bill narrowly passed…

Republicans Weaponize Debt Limit Fight to Destroy Worker Protections

5 thoughts on “Republicans Weaponize Debt Limit Fight to Destroy Worker Protections

    1. The REINS Act would also further delay a regulatory process that is already rife with roadblocks. The current regulatory process is slow enough as it is. For example, since 2016, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has been working on a standard to protect health care and social assistance workers from workplace violence, and over the past seven years the agency has only progressed to the small business review pre-rulemaking stage. During this time, the rate of serious and preventable workplace violence injuries has increased for workers in health care and social assistance.

      By giving one chamber of Congress veto power over any new significant public health and safety protection, no matter how non-controversial or sensible it may be, the REINS Act is designed to leverage the dysfunction and obstructionism that plague our political process to block agencies’ efforts to fulfill their statutory mandates to pursue public protections. Congress should be searching for ways to ensure that federal agencies are able to enforce laws designed to protect our food supply, water, air quality, financial security, and much more, not putting up roadblocks to sensible safeguards that protect the American people.

      If the REINS Act was signed into law, rail safety regulations would have no chance of being enacted. Rather, passage of the REINS Act would likely lead to more deregulatory disasters in communities traced with train tracks, putting fence line and frontline communities at risk.


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