April 9, 2023 Fatality – Fatality Alert | Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)

Accident Report: Fatality Reference

April 9, 2023 Fatality

APRIL 9, 2023 – FATALITY ALERT.PDF (372.83 KB)
MINE FATALITY – On April 9, 2023, a miner died while mounting off road truck tires on rims.  The miner was in the process of mounting a tire on its rim when another tire’s outer lock ring dislodged, became airborne and struck the victim in the head.

Best Practices

Use a tire safety cage (or other tire restraint device) when inflating a truck tire that is not on the truck.  Stand away from the inflating tire and out of the wheel and air blast trajectory during the inflation process.
Check tires and rims for damage and defects before performing work.
Before repairing tires, completely deflate the tires by removing the valve core and checking the valve stem to make sure it’s clear. 
Follow the manufacturer’s procedures and make sure tire and rim components are compatible.
Train miners who service tire and rim components. 
Additional Information

This is the 15th fatality reported in 2023, and the fifth classified as “Machinery.”

— Read on www.msha.gov/data-reports/fatality-reports/2023/april-9-2023-fatality/fatality-alert

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