Climate job hunting resources

For the first time in my climate career, I’m on the job market. It’s terrifying.
Mostly it’s terrifying because when I read news stories like this, I reflexively tense up and shut down — what my partner calls “turtling” — and have to consciously set aside the feelings of anxiety and self-doubt to remind myself I’ve got a lot to offer and I don’t have to do it all myself.

I’ve got a lot to offer and I don’t have to do it all myself.
I’m quickly realizing that finding a job is more a process of learning about yourself than it is about sending resumes. Especially a job in climate.

This weekend I went to a climate happy hour sponsored by, which was truly wonderful. There were 6 or 8 of us, very low key, just talking (and in my case, oversharing) about what it’s like to be alive and in the world right now and the process of getting to a place where you’re willing to engage in ways to change the system to something that’s better for everyone. For some people, that’s a years-long process. For all of us, it requires a lot of introspection and being kind to yourself along the way.
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