About Jack Benton & EHS Safety News America

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – “How to Treat Employees to Build a Proactive Safety Culture”

1osha-sm.jpgHi there! My name is Jack Benton, CSD, and I created this blog to share the latest EHS & Safety news with my fellow professionals in the Environmental, Health, and Safety field as well as for first responders, emergency lab-safety-supply-coffee-lss-_i_lbc139967s.jpgmanagement professionals, and the general public. Safety is for everyone!

For OSHA-certified consulting, or if you have any guest posting ideas, general suggestions, or questions, you can contact me through the contact form below.

Thanks for reading!

Jack Benton, CSD – Chicago, Illinois

For more about me and my background in workplace safety, visit my LinkedIn profile.

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7 thoughts on “About Jack Benton & EHS Safety News America

  1. In a discussion regarding use of comics in safety documentation, a link to your site came up. Thanks for including some examples of good and not-so-good examples of appropriate humour regarding site safety!


    1. Thank you Chet. I appreciate the kind words about my blog. Yes, that video unfortunately, is one I hope that others can learn from and remember that it only takes a second to be safe or…?


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