Construction Zone – Real Dangers – Real Solutions

CONSTRUCTION HAZARDS The dangers faced on a construction site are extensive. From inhaling silica dust to falling from heights, injuries and fatalities occur at an alarming rate. 20% of US worker deaths are in construction! The first line of defense is Personal Protective Equipment, providing protection from falls, high temperatures, loud noises and more. Take … Continue reading Construction Zone – Real Dangers – Real Solutions

“Avoid the OSHA Focus Four Hazards” -“Infographic”

Recognizing and knowing how to avoid the OSHA Focus Four Hazards may be the most important thing you learn in your OSHA training courses. These “Fatal Four” are the four most common causes of fatalities in the workplace.To help highlight the importance of recognizing these dangers and having clear workplace safety procedures to avoid them, … Continue reading “Avoid the OSHA Focus Four Hazards” -“Infographic”

“7 Tips For An Effective Workplace Safety Committee” – Infographic”

Safety consultant Carl Potter once was told about a workplace in which an employee asked for his name to be deliberately drawn from a hat so he could be the new member of the organization’s safety committee. Although he felt otherwise, the worker planned to feign disgust at the selection when his name was revealed … Continue reading “7 Tips For An Effective Workplace Safety Committee” – Infographic”

“7 Stupid Reasons People Get Hurt at Work” – (Infographic)

Thirty percent of employees are injured on the job within the first year of employment – which is a major issue for employee turnover. Additionally, injured employees decrease morale and can lead to costly OSHA and legal fines if it comes to light that their injury is a fault of the company. Avoiding new employee injury … Continue reading “7 Stupid Reasons People Get Hurt at Work” – (Infographic)

“The ABC’s & 1,2,3’s of Fall Protection”

Infographic created by Creative Safety Supply

“Workplace Safety Infographic: The Younger Face of Workplace Safety”

Source: Atlantic Training - Note PDF of this info-graphic is available on this page.

“The 2017 Workplace Safety Puzzle” #OSHA #Safety

From 2015 to 2017, OSHA fines increased almost 80%, making the cost of noncompliance too expensive for most organizations to ignore. This new infographic, created for the 2017 Safety Summit, aims to help safety pros, like you, strengthen compliance, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency.  

“7 Common Workplace Safety Hazards” #WorkplaceSafety

“2016 Training Survey – How Much Does Your Organization Spend On Worker Safety Training?”

Contractors: “Who Is Responsible For Their Safety?”

If you hire contractors, perform contract work, or work at a multi-employer work site, it can be difficult to determine what your safety responsibilities are. Use this infographic to gain a better understanding of how multi-employer rules apply in common situations and what you should look for when hiring a contractor. Contractors: Who's Responsible for … Continue reading Contractors: “Who Is Responsible For Their Safety?”

“Infographic: How Does Your Safety Culture Stack Up?”

Both OSHA observations and independent research confirm that developing a strong safety culture has the potential to have the greatest impact on incident reduction of any process. Check out the infographic to find out what we learned about the state of safety culture from a recent BLR survey of over 500 EHS professionals, HR professionals, … Continue reading “Infographic: How Does Your Safety Culture Stack Up?”

“The Journey to Safety Excellence” – Infographic

The Journey to Safety Excellence is a roadmap for continuous safety improvement. We know that maintaining a safe workplace is a never-ending journey, not a destination. Check out this infographic to learn about four key pillars to protect workers and enhance your organization’s performance. Download this infographic here: Provided by the National Safety Council