“Weekly Toll: Memorial Day Edition” – #WorkplaceFatalities

Owner killed in explosion PHILIPPI, WV — After further investigation of an explosion in Barbour County on Wednesday, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that one of the two individuals killed was the owner of the gas company. An explosion at Midland Resource Recovery Inc., a gas company located on Barbour County Highway in … Continue reading “Weekly Toll: Memorial Day Edition” – #WorkplaceFatalities

Employer In Fatal Boston Trench Collapse Did Not Provide Safety Training & Basic Safeguards For Employees, OSHA Finds

Atlantic Drain Service Co. Inc. cited for 18 violations BOSTON – Robert Higgins and Kelvin Mattocks died on Oct. 21, 2016, in Boston, when the approximately 12-foot deep trench in which they were working collapsed, breaking an adjacent fire hydrant supply line and filling the trench with water in a matter of seconds. An investigation … Continue reading Employer In Fatal Boston Trench Collapse Did Not Provide Safety Training & Basic Safeguards For Employees, OSHA Finds

“Excavation & Trenching Safety” #ConstructionSafety @StopThinkPrevnt

Trenching and Excavation Safety Excavation and trenching are among the most hazardous construction operations. OSHA defines an excavation as any man-made cut, cavity, trench, or depression in the earth’s surface formed by earth removal. A trench is defined as a narrow underground excavation that is deeper than it is wide, and is no wider than … Continue reading “Excavation & Trenching Safety” #ConstructionSafety @StopThinkPrevnt

“OSHA Walking-Working Surfaces & Fall Protection Final Rule Requirement Implementation Dates “

On November 18, 2016, OSHA finally published a final rule updating the walking-working surfaces and fall protection standards for general industry. Percolating since 1990 (55 FR 13360), reopened in 2003 (68 FR 23528) and again in 2010 (75 FR 28862), revisions to the walking-working surfaces and fall protection standards were long overdue. OSHA’s 500+ final rule gives employers new … Continue reading “OSHA Walking-Working Surfaces & Fall Protection Final Rule Requirement Implementation Dates “

“Behavior-Based Safety: Myth or Magic?”

Behavior-Based Safety: Myth or Magic? Behavior-based safety is a broad term used to describe everything from basic employee behavior audits and feedback to a comprehensive safety management system designed to change a company’s safety culture.   By: Sandy Smith EHS Today When it was introduced, behavior-based safety (BBS) was seen as a magic panacea for … Continue reading “Behavior-Based Safety: Myth or Magic?”

“Confined Spaces – Supervisor Safety Tip Series” #ConfinedSpace #Safety

Developed by Vivid’s Chief Safety Officer Jill James, a former OSHA inspector, this series examines real hazards in real work environments. This safety tip video explains ways to stay safe while working with Confined Spaces. Confined spaces are enclosed or partially enclosed spaces of a size such that a worker can squeeze entry for performing assigned … Continue reading “Confined Spaces – Supervisor Safety Tip Series” #ConfinedSpace #Safety

“Conducting An Effective Job Hazard Analysis” – Infographic” #JHA #Safety

Job hazard analysis is an essential component of a successful safety program. This BLR infographic details the 6 steps of a JHA so you can assess the hazards at your facility and implement corrective actions. "JHA Downloads" JHA Checklist: http://bit.ly/20crSNM OSHA JHA Powerpoint: http://bit.ly/1K1ebiT

“Confined Spaces – “What To Do Before You Enter” #ConfinedSpace #StayAlive

80% of fatalities happened in locations that had been previously entered by the same person who later died. Each year, an average of 92 fatalities occurs from confined spaces locations due to asphyxiation, acute or chronic poisoning, or impairment. But, what is a “confined space?” A confined space is a space that: Is large enough … Continue reading “Confined Spaces – “What To Do Before You Enter” #ConfinedSpace #StayAlive

“Fall Protection – What’s Required Where?” – “Scissor Lifts”

First, I want to start off with the "scissor lift" dilemma and confusion. If you talk to two different people, you'll get two differing opinions. Here are my thoughts on this: I have watched while the battle has raged over whether the use of personal fall arrest harnesses by scissor lift operators is appropriate. The … Continue reading “Fall Protection – What’s Required Where?” – “Scissor Lifts”

“How Would Nick Saban Handle An OSHA Inspection?”

Lessons for Employers from the Crimson Tide’s Championship Football Coach September has arrived. That can only mean one thing: it’s time for college football! Labor Day weekend offered several high-profile games for our viewing pleasure. Number-one ranked Alabama won one of those contests, with the Crimson Tide overwhelming Southern California by the score of 52-6. … Continue reading “How Would Nick Saban Handle An OSHA Inspection?”

“N95 Day: A NIOSH-Approved Holiday”

  Today is the 5th annual N95 Day, which focuses on respiratory protection awareness and proper use of N95 respirators. Here are some ways you can participate: Social media. Look for N95-related information on Twitter (@NIOSH, @NPPTL, #N95Day) Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest as well as the annual N95 Day NIOSH Science Blog. Share NIOSH's infographics, and be sure to … Continue reading “N95 Day: A NIOSH-Approved Holiday”

“Infographic: OSHA’s Multiemployer Citation Policy”

Do you work on a multiemployer worksite? If so, do you understand your safety responsibilities? When OSHA inspects multiemployer workplaces, inspectors determine who should be cited for violations based on whether employers are “creating employers,” “exposing employers,” “correcting employers,” or “controlling employers.” This infographic will give you an overview of what these terms mean and … Continue reading “Infographic: OSHA’s Multiemployer Citation Policy”