When There is no Fix?

When There is no Fix? One of the favourite words of the safety sector is ‘controls’. Hazards and controls, that’s the scope of safety. However, the …When There is no Fix?

“Stop, Think, Prevent” – “A New Workplace Safety Campaign Is Emerging” @StopThinkPrevnt

By: Marko Karr, CHST - "Stop, Think, Prevent" Program Author & Owner One is Too Many! I found myself thinking this today... In May of 2016, I proudly posted on LinkedIn how my company honored the National OSHA Stand Down Week for Fall Prevention. We are committed to reducing falls and improving the industry. The … Continue reading “Stop, Think, Prevent” – “A New Workplace Safety Campaign Is Emerging” @StopThinkPrevnt

“PeopleWork: Traits of Safety Leaders Pt. 4 – Teamwork” @KevinBurnsBGI

This time around, we are going to focus on building solid performing teams in safety. This is Part 4 and the next 3 of the Traits of Safety Leaders. To build a solid team requires more than just a collection of good team members. It requires the right mindset from the team leader; in this … Continue reading “PeopleWork: Traits of Safety Leaders Pt. 4 – Teamwork” @KevinBurnsBGI

“Safety Is a Thankless Job”

Another excellent post by my good friend Phil La Duke. You owe me a mention! 🙂

Phil La Duke's Blog

ThanklessBy Phil La Duke

On April 19th I will make my 10th consecutive speaking appearance at the Michigan Safety Conference in Grand Rapids Michigan; this speech quite likely will be my last public appearance (it most certainly will be the only public appearance I will be making in 2016).  I have already have either submitted or am writing my 100th published article (I have 96 currently in print, ISHN has 4 as yet unpublished works, and Entrepreneur another 2, and I am working on a piece for Health & Safety International), and this is my 188th blog post.  That’s represents approximately 300,000 words in print, and (when coupled with my speaking engagement) close to a million hours of effort without compensation. Pro bono work offered in hopes of bettering the Safety Function. These milestones will go largely unnoticed and certainly uncelebrated within and without the safety community.

This sure sounds…

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