Weekly Toll: Death at Work

Silo suffocation, refinery fire, highway construction, wildfire, electrocution — all the ways that workers died last week.  n average, almost 100 …Weekly Toll: Death at Work

Why Can’t the City Afford to Enforce Contractor Safety Standards?

Welcome to another chapter of Do-It-Yourself-Neighborhood-Health-and-Safety-Inspector. As many of you know, while walking to dogs, I’m constantly …Why Can’t the City Afford to Enforce Contractor Safety Standards?

New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission Issues Guidance on “Workplace Impairment” Determinations | Workplace Safety and Environmental Law Alert Blog

By Jennifer L. Mora and Frederick T. Smith Seyfarth Synopsis:  As previously reported here, on February 22, 2021, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed — Read on http://www.environmentalsafetyupdate.com/states/new-jersey/new-jersey-cannabis-regulatory-commission-issues-guidance-on-workplace-impairment-determinations/

OSHA’s Recordkeeping, Reporting, and E-Recordkeeping Rules

On September 13, 2022, Lindsay A. DiSalvo and Ashley D. Mitchell presented a webinar regarding Important Nuances of OSHA’s Recordkeeping, Reporting, …OSHA’s Recordkeeping, Reporting, and E-Recordkeeping Rules

Cal/OSHA Moves Closer to Issuing Its COVID-19 Non-Emergency Standard

By Andrew Sommer and Megan Shaked In July 2022, the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) revealed a proposed Permanent …Cal/OSHA Moves Closer to Issuing Its COVID-19 Non-Emergency Standard

Power Plant Christmas Party Party Pooper

Revised 9/24/2022 Originally posted December 29, 2012: Each year at a Power Plant there are two times when the Power Plant Men are invited to a …Power Plant Christmas Party Party Pooper

OSHA Reschedules Chemical Plant Safety Stakeholder Meeting

For those of you interested in commenting on OSHA’s update of its aging process safety management standard, the agency has just announced that the …OSHA Reschedules Chemical Plant Safety Stakeholder Meeting

Weekly Toll: Crushed, Buried, Suffocated on the Job

Drowned in a trench, suffocated in a corn silo, crushed under a stone, Trench Collapse, grain silo suffocation, falls, burned in a chemical explosion…Weekly Toll: Crushed, Buried, Suffocated on the Job

New Rail Deal May Still Be Doomed Over Scheduling Issues

Does this seem like a good way to attract loyal, dedicated, satisfied workers? Come work for the railroad. It’s a great job, decent pay. Hours may be…New Rail Deal May Still Be Doomed Over Scheduling Issues

Heroes and Kings of the Power Plant Palace

Revised 9/17/2022 This story was originally posted on February 11, 2012: There are five main power plants in the electric company in Central Oklahoma…Heroes and Kings of the Power Plant Palace

Lessons of the Averted Rail Strike

And we have an agreement…. I was over at the Department of Labor building yesterday and there were paper signs taped up all over the 2nd (Executive) …Lessons of the Averted Rail Strike

Weekly Toll: Killed on the Job

Yet another Trench Collapse. Workers dead in industrial incidents, rail crashes, shootings, electrocutions and vehicle incidents. On average, almost …Weekly Toll: Killed on the Job