Something Is In The Water at the Muskogee Power Plant

Revised 1/28/2023 Originally posted: April 15, 2013: “Something is in the water in Muskogee.” That is what I used to say. Something that makes people…Something Is In The Water at the Muskogee Power Plant

Personal Power Plant Hero — Charles Foster

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Power Plant Snitch

Revised 1/7/2022 Originally Posted March 16, 2013: Seventeen years before Harry Potter captured the Snitch in the movie “Harry Potter and The …Power Plant Snitch

Power Plant Electric Shop Summer Help Stories or Rooster Eats Crow

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Switching in the Power Plant Substation Switchyard

Revised 12/3/2022 Originally posted on February 9, 2013: The phone rang Saturday morning on March 17, 1984. Since we didn’t have caller ID at that …Switching in the Power Plant Substation Switchyard

“New NFPA 70E – 2015 Standard Explained” The 2015 edition of NFPA 70E introduces a major change in how stakeholders evaluate electrical risk, so that owners, managers, and employees can work together to ensure an electrically safe working area and comply with OSHA 1910 Subpart S and OSHA 1926 Subpart K. • Key changes throughout the Standard replace the phrase "hazard … Continue reading “New NFPA 70E – 2015 Standard Explained”