“10 OSHA Recordkeeping Questions Employers Get Wrong‏”

Now that OSHA is moving toward electronic reporting of injuries and illnesses, employers should be on the lookout for these common errors on their OSHA 300 logs. During my years of advising employers on OSHA recordkeeping, auditing their records, and defending them against OSHA recordkeeping citations, my colleagues and I have been struck by how … Continue reading “10 OSHA Recordkeeping Questions Employers Get Wrong‏”

Infographic: OSHA’s Multiemployer Citation Policy

When OSHA inspects multiemployer workplaces, inspectors determine who should be cited for violations based on whether employers are “creating employers,” “exposing employers,” “correcting employers,” or “controlling employers.” This infographic will give you an overview of what these terms mean and help you understand your safety responsibilities depending on your role on a work-site. OSHA's Multiemployer … Continue reading Infographic: OSHA’s Multiemployer Citation Policy