Top 10 Most Dangerous Health & Safety Pictures you will ever see!

Safety in the Workplace! What NOT to Do!!  Humorous, but with potentially deadly consequences!

Funny Office Safety Training Retro Video!

You and Office Safety! is the most hilarious video on Office Safety you will watch! Made in the 1950s, this film is perfect as an eye-catching ice-breaker when delivering office safety training. Although the fashions have long-gone, and some of the behaviours in the workplace have changed, this program still addresses the following topics which … Continue reading Funny Office Safety Training Retro Video!

Funny “Unsafe” Video!

'What NOT to do with Fireworks!" I Hope All of  You Had a Great 4th!! 🙂

Funny Safety Video Of The Week #2

Southwest Airlines "Rapping" Flight Attendant! Now that's Safety with a BEAT! 🙂

New Feature! “Funny Safety Video of the Week”

Here we learn the importance of Power Drill Safety!! 🙂