Toolbox Talk & Safety Topics – April 25, 2014

Toolbox Talks A Toolbox Talk is an informal group discussion that focuses on a particular safety issue. These tools can be used daily to promote your departments safety culture. Toolbox talks are also intended to facilitate health and safety discussions on the job site. Documents *Toolbox Talk Fact Sheet Accident Reporting & Investigation Toolbox Talk … Continue reading Toolbox Talk & Safety Topics – April 25, 2014

Safety Resolutions For 2014: “Help Your Employees Keep Them”

The best thing you can do for your workers is to encourage them to resolve to put their health and safety first. Health and safety should represent the priority against which workers align all of their actions. Explanation: Most of us get overwhelmed by the sheer effort involved in achieving our New Year's resolutions. In … Continue reading Safety Resolutions For 2014: “Help Your Employees Keep Them”

Infographic: OSHA’s Multiemployer Citation Policy

When OSHA inspects multiemployer workplaces, inspectors determine who should be cited for violations based on whether employers are “creating employers,” “exposing employers,” “correcting employers,” or “controlling employers.” This infographic will give you an overview of what these terms mean and help you understand your safety responsibilities depending on your role on a work-site. OSHA's Multiemployer … Continue reading Infographic: OSHA’s Multiemployer Citation Policy

Faceoff: Is OSHA A Wasteful Regulatory Nightmare OR Common Sense That Saves Lives?

Please Check Out This Workplace Safety Infographic Courtesy of "Compliance & Safety". It Focuses On OSHA and Protecting Workers