“BLS: On-The-Job Deaths At Highest Level Since 2008″​

A total of 4,836 deaths due to workplace injuries occurred in 2015 – a 0.3 percent increase over 2014 and the most since 5,214 workers died in 2008, according to data released Dec. 16t, 2016 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Other highlights from the 2015 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries: The 903 deaths among Hispanic … Continue reading “BLS: On-The-Job Deaths At Highest Level Since 2008″​

OSHA Gives Stakeholders Another Month to Comment on Electronic-Reporting Rule

“The extension ensures that stakeholders will have a full 120 days to submit comments, which OSHA believes is adequate for this limited rulemaking,” OSHA says. OSHA has pushed back the deadline for commenting on its proposed electronic-reporting rule to March 8, in response to a request from the National Association of Home Builders. When OSHA … Continue reading OSHA Gives Stakeholders Another Month to Comment on Electronic-Reporting Rule

“A Day In Chicago” – Timelapse Windows Screensaver – Download It Here!

A Day in Chicago is a 'just for fun' piece containing over 5,000 photographs shot with a Nikon D5100 on the labor day weekend in 2013. - Nicklaus Photography in Chicago. Video shot on August 31, 2013, Labor Day weekend. Beautifully done! Let me know how you like the screensaver I made from it! Download … Continue reading “A Day In Chicago” – Timelapse Windows Screensaver – Download It Here!

Off Topic Fun! – “Guess What Day It Is?” – Windows PC Screensaver

  If you're a fan of the Geico Insurance commercials like I am. I am sure you've seen the "Hump Day" one above. So, what better way to celebrate Hump Day, every day, than with another one of my screen saver creations for Windows PC's! Guaranteed virus free! Download and enjoy! Hope Geico likes my work! … Continue reading Off Topic Fun! – “Guess What Day It Is?” – Windows PC Screensaver

Download Free “Safety Photo of the Day” Screensaver – Windows PC

    "Why Lock - Out, Tag- Out is vitally important!" Download your Free "Safety Photo of the Day" screensaver at the link below or in the Box.net files to the right side of this page. This is Virus Free and for Windows OS only. Each photo and cartoon will give you and those around you … Continue reading Download Free “Safety Photo of the Day” Screensaver – Windows PC

Over 250,000 Served! Thank You!

We have hit and surpassed the 250,000th visit from Safety Professionals across the globe. I started this Blog 2 years ago and never dreamed it would go over so well with my fellow Safety Pro's! I started this Blog to brand myself in my job search and to post relevant information that both safety professionals … Continue reading Over 250,000 Served! Thank You!

Job Opening! – Chemical Engineer or Mechanical Engineer – Chicago Area

Please Contact Person Below! I am posting this as a favor to them!! Mechanical Engineer or Chemical Engineer needed immediately for Chicago area employer. If you are currently available and have a degree in either field please contact Charlie Janetti at 732-363-6813 and let him know that I told you to call him! Thanks! Jack Benton

The only thing I would add to this, is that the Safety person “MUST” be a hands on, on the floor type of person who is willing work with, and get to know his employees as well as earn their trust. They also need to know that you are approachable so that they don’t look at us as “the enemy, or cop on the beat.” When you include employees “as a part” of your safety program, and have them give safety talks, be a part of safety committees, etc.., you will indeed get excellent results. Once they begin to take ownership of their own safety, results will occur! I’ve done it this way, and it works! ~ Jack Benton

Phil La Duke's Blog

Dear Victims of Workplace Fatalities:

I received your letter last week, and while nothing I say or do will ever erase your tragedy I do hope I can help you to understand the state of workplace safety today. I hope you can receive this in the spirit in which it is intended. First, you are right I am a safety guy, but I am not THE safety guy. The workplace is a complex system, and as such, there aren’t any easy solutions to problems.
Most workplaces are intrinsically unsafe, and it is only through all of us working together actively trying to make it less dangerous that we can ever see any real improvements in safety.
You seem to think that I am indifferent to your death; I can assure you that is absolutely not the case. Every safety person that I know who have lost someone on his or…

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Merry Christmas to All from EHS Safety News! – Enjoy the Video!