GE Geriatric Gentleman and Power Plant Transformers

Revised 3/19/2023 Originally Posted May 17, 2013: I remember the day when I walked into the Electric Shop office to begin the lunch break, and four …GE Geriatric Gentleman and Power Plant Transformers

Lap o’ Luxury at the Muskogee Power Plant

Revised 2/5/2023 Originally Posted on April 12, 2013: I witnessed a fast-approaching Wall Cloud coming south from Tulsa when I was on overhaul at the…Lap o’ Luxury at the Muskogee Power Plant

Power Plant Snitch

Revised 1/7/2022 Originally Posted March 16, 2013: Seventeen years before Harry Potter captured the Snitch in the movie “Harry Potter and The …Power Plant Snitch

Blowing it with Power Plant Retracts and Wall Blowers

Revised 12/17/2022 Originally Posted February 23, 2013: I never gave it much thought that when I was on the labor crew at the Coal-fired Power Plant …Blowing it with Power Plant Retracts and Wall Blowers

Rivers and Rose in the Power Plant Palace

Revised 11/19/2022 Originally posted January 25, 2013: When is the appropriate time to call 911? Calling 911 in the Power Plant is when you call the …Rivers and Rose in the Power Plant Palace

Singing Along with Sonny Kendrick

Revised 11/05/2022 Originally posted January 11, 2013: Today I sit quietly in a cubicle with a group of other people on my team. We each type away …Singing Along with Sonny Kendrick

Life and Death on the Power Plant Lake

Revised 6/18/2022 Originally posted on August 18, 2012: I have just finished watching the movie “Godfather II” with my son.  Toward the end of the …Life and Death on the Power Plant Lake