Moon Walk in a Power Plant Precipitator

Revised 3/26/2023 Originally Posted May 25, 2013; Just because there isn’t any smoke pouring out of the smoke stacks at a Coal-fired Power Plant, it …Moon Walk in a Power Plant Precipitator

GE Geriatric Gentleman and Power Plant Transformers

Revised 3/19/2023 Originally Posted May 17, 2013: I remember the day when I walked into the Electric Shop office to begin the lunch break, and four …GE Geriatric Gentleman and Power Plant Transformers

When Power Plant Men Talk… It Pays to Listen

Revised 1/29/2022 Originally Posted:  May 4, 2012. Now that I’m older and I do know everything; I am reminded of those times when I thought I knew …When Power Plant Men Talk… It Pays to Listen

Power Plant Men Fighting Fires for Fun

Revised 7/9/2022 Originally Posted October 5, 2012: The Coal Fired Power Plant where I worked first as a summer help, then as a janitor, a labor crew…Power Plant Men Fighting Fires for Fun

Bobbin’ Along with Bob Kennedy

Revised 3/4/2023 Originally Posted on May 11, 2013: If you crossed Walter Matthau with Howdy Doody, you would come out with someone that would remind…Bobbin’ Along with Bob Kennedy

Power Plant Raven Comes Home to Roost

Revised 2/25/2023 Originally posted May 3, 2013: Diana Lucas entered the Electric Foreman’s office one morning at the Coal-fired Power Plant almost …Power Plant Raven Comes Home to Roost

Power Plant Arguments with Arthur Hammond

Revised 2/18/2023 Originally posted April 26, 2013: Less than 6 months after Arthur Hammond was hired as an electrician, OD McGaha (pronounced Muh …Power Plant Arguments with Arthur Hammond

Resistance in a Coal-Fired Power Plant

Revised 2/11/2023. Originally posted April 19, 2013: Resistance is Futile! You may have heard that before. Especially if you are a Star Trek Fan. If …Resistance in a Coal-Fired Power Plant

Lap o’ Luxury at the Muskogee Power Plant

Revised 2/5/2023 Originally Posted on April 12, 2013: I witnessed a fast-approaching Wall Cloud coming south from Tulsa when I was on overhaul at the…Lap o’ Luxury at the Muskogee Power Plant

Power Plant Men Taking the Temperature Down by the River

Revised 2/12/2022 Originally posted May 11, 2012: The Power Plant sits on a hill where you can see it 20 miles away looming in the distance.  The …Power Plant Men Taking the Temperature Down by the River

Something Is In The Water at the Muskogee Power Plant

Revised 1/28/2023 Originally posted: April 15, 2013: “Something is in the water in Muskogee.” That is what I used to say. Something that makes people…Something Is In The Water at the Muskogee Power Plant

Personal Power Plant Hero — Charles Foster

Revised 1/21/2023 Originally posted March 30, 2013: When you think about it, you probably spend more time with your best friend than you ever did …Personal Power Plant Hero — Charles Foster