Switching in the Power Plant Substation Switchyard

Revised 12/3/2022 Originally posted on February 9, 2013: The phone rang Saturday morning on March 17, 1984. Since we didn’t have caller ID at that …Switching in the Power Plant Substation Switchyard

Power Plant Manhole Mania

Revised 11/26/2022 Originally posted February 1, 2013: It is vitally important that a manhole cover be round. By just being square or even oval, it …Power Plant Manhole Mania

Rivers and Rose in the Power Plant Palace

Revised 11/19/2022 Originally posted January 25, 2013: When is the appropriate time to call 911? Calling 911 in the Power Plant is when you call the …Rivers and Rose in the Power Plant Palace

Learnin’ ’bout ‘lectricity with Andy Tubbs

Revised 11/12/2022 Originally posted January 18, 2013: The day I became an electrician at the coal-fired power plant, I suddenly became an expert in …Learnin’ ’bout ‘lectricity with Andy Tubbs

Singing Along with Sonny Kendrick

Revised 11/05/2022 Originally posted January 11, 2013: Today I sit quietly in a cubicle with a group of other people on my team. We each type away …Singing Along with Sonny Kendrick

Psychological Profile of a Power Plant Control Room Operator

Revised 10/29/2022 Originally posted on July 6, 2012: I suppose that many parents while raising their children would hear them say, “Dad, can you …Psychological Profile of a Power Plant Control Room Operator

Pioneers of Power Plant Fame Finally Find Peace

Revised 10/8/2022 originally posted on June 30, 2012: Somewhere today there is a young man named Cameron Powell whose grandmother has recently died …Pioneers of Power Plant Fame Finally Find Peace

The Passing of an Old School Power Plant Man – Leroy Godfrey

Revised 10/8/2022 Originally Posted March 16, 2012. Leroy Godfrey passed from this earth on March 9, 2012: One of the orneriest men I have ever met …The Passing of an Old School Power Plant Man – Leroy Godfrey

Power Plant Humor and Joking with Gene Day

Revised 10/8/2022 Originally posted on 1/14/2012: What sets power plant men apart from your regular mechanic, lineman or men of other occupations is …Power Plant Humor and Joking with Gene Day

Carpooling with Bud Schoonover

Revised 10/01/2022 Originally posted on February 4, 2012 Coal-fired power plants are built out in the country away from any major town. I used to …Carpooling with Bud Schoonover

Power Plant Christmas Party Party Pooper

Revised 9/24/2022 Originally posted December 29, 2012: Each year at a Power Plant there are two times when the Power Plant Men are invited to a …Power Plant Christmas Party Party Pooper

Heroes and Kings of the Power Plant Palace

Revised 9/17/2022 This story was originally posted on February 11, 2012: There are five main power plants in the electric company in Central Oklahoma…Heroes and Kings of the Power Plant Palace