How One Accident Leads To Eventual Harm This workplace safety video is used in accordance with the USA Fair Use Doctrine for nonprofit educational purposes - 2021 Fifty years after the passage of the nation’s job safety laws, the toll of workplace injury, illness and death remains too high, and too many workers remain at serious risk. There is much more … Continue reading How One Accident Leads To Eventual Harm

“No Injury, No Accident”……..Right??” #Safety #NearMiss

Discover how near misses can add up to major accidents. "No Injury, No Accident?" dramatically shows employees how to recognize and prevent serious injuries or fatal accidents before they occur. Based on the pioneering work of W. H. Heinrich and his renowned "Heinrich Triangle," the program demonstrates how the odds of a serious or fatal … Continue reading “No Injury, No Accident”……..Right??” #Safety #NearMiss