Human performance in the rail freight yard

This conference paper very briefly described a human factors analysis of rail freight yard performance, based on observations, expert elicitation and…Human performance in the rail freight yard

AcciMap of Glenbrook rail crash

For those interested, the attached image is an AcciMap from Andrew Hopkins on the Glenbrook train crash. What I like about AcciMap (and STAMP/STPA, …AcciMap of Glenbrook rail crash

Do Blocked Railroad Crossings Endanger Your Community? Tell Us More. — ProPublica

We want to understand what stationary and long trains mean for EMS, firefighters, police and families across the country. — Read on

A Norfolk Southern Contractor Is Testing East Palestine Homes — ProPublica

Last month, Brenda Foster stood on the railroad tracks at the edge of her yard in East Palestine, Ohio, and watched a smoky inferno billow from the wreckage of a derailed train. The chemicals it was carrying — and the fire that consumed them — were so toxic that the entire area had to evacuate. … Continue reading A Norfolk Southern Contractor Is Testing East Palestine Homes — ProPublica

East Palestine Part 1: The Causes

Please excuse the length of this post. But once I went down the rabbit hole, I couldn’t get out. To make it seem shorter, I’ve divided it into two …East Palestine Part 1: The Causes