Safety Isn’t Immune to Hiring for Technical Skills and Firing for Interpersonal Skills

Spot on Phil. Knowledge of Safety and the Ability to work “with”, rather than against employees is essential to fostering a great safety culture and a great place to work.


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By Phil La Duke

In my last column, The Safety Side, in Fabricating and Metalworking magazine ( I wrote about personality styles and understanding how a person prefers to be treated and tempering ones style of communication to meet another’s needs can make one not only a more effective safety professional, but a very effective professional of whatever career one chooses to pursue. I posted, as is my habit, a link to the article to the many LinkedIn groups to which I belong. The response was generally positive, but not universally so.  One reader posted”

“well i’m not quite sure to agree with what you are saying. i know first hand that most employers, supervisors, or just about most anyone does not like or like working with someone who speaks their mind. and i guess i fall under that category. i say what is on my mind…

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