“The 12 Days of Christmas Safety”

We’re all, hopefully in a festive mood this time of year, so don’t let some safety mishaps ruin your Holiday Season! From Christmas trees and lights to candles, ladders, and holiday cheer, there are safety hazards everywhere this time of year. Taking a few safety precautions can keep the fire department away, allowing you to … Continue reading “The 12 Days of Christmas Safety”

“Safety Comics Of The Day – Santa Style 2018 – Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!” #HolidaySafety

Merry Christmas & Hopefully A Happy New Year To All & Thank You For Visiting My Website in 2018! Check Out Our Free Safety Resource Section For Free Safety Information  & PowerPoint Downloads!  Jack Benton, Chicago, Illinois - EHS Safety News America® 2018  Contact me below! 

“Have Yourself a Safe, Undistracted, and Accident Free Holiday” #Safety #HolidaySafety #WorkplaceSafety

Keep your holidays happy and safe. At this time of year, with all of the joy, parties, and excitement the season brings, employers need to be especially vigilant to keep and maintain a safe workplace environment for employees and customers and other third parties. A distracted or inebriated employee may be an employee at risk, … Continue reading “Have Yourself a Safe, Undistracted, and Accident Free Holiday” #Safety #HolidaySafety #WorkplaceSafety