Links between daily sleep, weekly work hours and injury risk

This data may be of interest on the links between daily sleep, weekly working hours and the risk of work-related injury based on US interview data. …Links between daily sleep, weekly work hours and injury risk

“7 Stupid Reasons People Get Hurt At Work” – “Infographic” #Safety

“20 Important Safety Tips for Forklifts (Infographic)”

forklift safety tips

OSHA statistics indicate that there are roughly 85 forklift fatalities and 34,900 serious injuries each year, 42 percent of which come from the operator being crushed by a tipping vehicle ( We can reduce those numbers by ensuring all of our warehouse workers are not only properly educated and trained to safely operate forklifts but are also refreshed on … Continue reading “20 Important Safety Tips for Forklifts (Infographic)”

“The A, B, C’s & 1, 2, 3’s of Fall Protection”

WSIB – Canada – Safety Video Commercials

    In this blog post we showcase some hard-hitting television commercials highlighting the need for workplace safety. Here they demonstrate how severe workplace injuries can be while reminding viewers that everyone plays a role in avoiding workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities. These could all have been prevented. See their website here: