What Does Misinformation Do in Safety?

One of the scariest results in the Zero Survey is that 89% of respondents believe that zero creates dishonesty in safety (https://safetyrisk.net/zero…What Does Misinformation Do in Safety?

Zero Survey Update -Take the Survey on the theory of “Zero Workplace Injuries”

We first launched the Zero Survey 2 years ago and safety people have been steadily responding to it. You can respond here: https://spor.com.au/zero-… Zero Survey Update

Sense-Making and Decision-Making in Risk

How we understand decision making and sense-making in time constructs how we explain risk and human enactment. Decision-making is about an enactment in the present looking forward (in faith). Sense-making is about how we understand that enactment looking backwards. The use of the words with a hyphen intends to convey the social and dialectical nature … Continue reading Sense-Making and Decision-Making in Risk