Milestone Achieved! – “EHS Safety News America Eclipses 1 Million Hits!”

“Remember…… ALWAYS Be Safe in Your Work!”

I never thought in my wildest dreams that this Blog would become as popular as it has. I couldn’t be happier, unless of course I secured a new full time Safety job ASAP, ..but, I believe I have put together a good source of safety information along with corresponding video, whenever possible so that it can be used in your safety training at your job.

I’ve also tried to supply you with the latest Safety news that affects a vast majority of us in the Safety profession. I was both surprised and very thrilled that HBO Documentaries found it fit to feature the work of this Blog in their latest documentary “Toxic Hot Seat”, which premiered in December 2013 and addressed the over use of flame retardants and their “negative health impact” on humans. These chemicals have been used for decades in our home furnishings and are now being banned in California in 2014, and being addressed in other states as well.

Thanks to all of the 1,000 plus subscribers and LinkedIn followers. You’re the reason I continue to do this on my own time, solely because of my passion for safety.

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Thank you all! This wouldn’t have been possible without my readers!

Jack Benton

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