Free Whitepaper: “10 Tips To Implementing A Lockout / Tagout Program”

Lock out tag out program

10 Tips to Implementing a Lockout/Tagout Program

Your LOTO program must address the hazards that workers face when they place any part of their body near a machine’s point of operation, power transmission apparatus, pinch points, or other moving parts during maintenance and servicing activities. If the machine is not properly shut down and secured, it could unexpectedly start up, release stored energy, move, or cycle, causing crushing injuries, amputations, or even fatal injuries. A well-designed LOTO program can prevent these injuries.

This paper gives you 10 tips for ensuring that your LOTO program is well-designed and effective, and that it avoids some of the more common failure points found in LOTO programs.

Click here to download this free paper today!

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