OSHA Releases Site Specific Inspection Targeting Plan

On January 4, 2013, a new directive implementing OSHA‘s Site-Specific Targeting 2012 inspection plan became effective under Notice 13-01 (CPL 02). According to OSHA, this directive cancels and replaces the Site-Specific Targeting 2011, which was issued on September 2, 2011, under Notice 10-06 (CPL 02). Although the notice of a replacement directive applies OSHA-wide, the inspection program does not include construction worksites.

Below are some highlights of the plan:

Primary inspection list

  • 2,250 establishments have been selected — randomly from both the SST-11 Primary and Secondary lists — for inspection pursuant to the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy Evaluation Study of the Impact of SST Inspections. These establishments were selected based on their CY 2009 injury and illness data (collected during the 2010 ODI). The SST-12 primary inspection lists for federal jurisdiction Area Offices will be comprised of 1,260 establishments selected as part of the Evaluation Study.
  • All federal jurisdiction primary list establishments will be inspected under SST-12.
  • Selection of primary list establishments for participating State Plan states will be based on CY 2010 establishment specific injury and illness rates. The SST-12 plan initially selects for inspecting all establishments with the following DART and DAFWII case rates:
  • Manufacturing establishments with a DART rate at or above 7.0 or a DAFWII case rate at or above 5.0 (only one of these criteria must be met).
  • Non-manufacturing establishments (except for Nursing and Personal Care Facilities) with a DART rate at or above 15.0 or a DAFWII rate at or above 14.0 (only one of these criteria must be met).

Secondary inspection list

  • If an Area Office completes its inspections of all establishments on its Primary Inspection List before the expiration of this SST program, it may obtain additional establishments from its Secondary Inspection List.
  • The Secondary Inspection List will contain establishments with the following CY 2010 DART and DAFWII case rates, and will be inspected using the procedures of this Notice:
  • Manufacturing establishments reporting DART rates of 5.0 or greater, or a DAFWII case rate of 4.0 or greater. Only one of these criteria must be met.
  • Non-manufacturing establishments (not including nursing and personal care facilities) reporting DART rates of 7.0 or greater, or a DAFWII case rate of 5.0 or greater. Only one of these criteria must be met.
  • Nursing and personal care facilities.
  • A random sample of establishments that did not provide rate information in accordance with the 2011 ODI Survey by May 2012.

For details about the SST-12 inspection procedures and other information, visit: http://www.osha.gov/OshDoc/Directive_pdf/CPL_02-13-01.pdf

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