Free Lean 5S Guide for An Improved Business/Workplace

Why 5S? Because it’s a system many companies simply can’t afford not to execute in their production process. The bottom line benefits are a given, but the improved well being of the company and employees is what makes 5S so valuable to your organization.

The system was designed by Toyota in order to achieve greater efficiencies in their production process. The term 5S is widely recognized as referring to; Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain.

5S is a systematic approach to workplace organization. Our 5S Guide, which will help you get started with your program, will help in reducing costs, increasing sales, and making your company more agile. 5S is popular for a good reason – it works, if you work it.


When you fill out the contact form, along with the downloadable 5S Guide, we will also mail you a free 18″ x 24″ 5S Poster.

About Creative Safety Supply

Creative Safety Supply is the manufacturer of SafetyTac and Smart Stripe marking Solutions as well as our Industrial strength label printer line of LabelTac Thermal Printers. also specializes in Lean Manufacturing, including 5S, to help increase productivity. Creative Safety Supply’s floor marking solutions are meant to outlast all other brands. With these visual marking tools and supplies, you can keep your facility safe and OSHA compliant.

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