Understanding Cut Resistance Levels In Gloves & Protective Arm Sleeves (PPE)

Are you tired of trying to understand or explain the different cut resistance levels? When it comes to cut resistant work gloves and protective arm sleeves, why is there no easy-to-follow guide relating to this?  STOP LOOKING – we made a handy-dandy infographic that depicts the different cut resistance levels and what they’re suitable for. Click to print as an easy reference guide, a handout, or a super-technical bookmark.

Globally, there are two different performance standards for cut resistance: the European standard EN388, used in Europe, APAC, South America, Mexico and parts of Canada and the US; and the ANSI/ISEA 105 standard, mainly used in North America. These different standards are not identical and do not correlate, potentially causing confusion for end-users in their specification process for selecting the right glove for their application. It is important to understand the differences between these standards, as well as the test methodologies specified in these standards, in order to set the right expectations for performances and specifications. This infographic will explain these differences.

Download Full Size Poster: Understanding Cut Resistance Levels as PDF to save or print or click on photo for full size!


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